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A monthly community lead music competition/showcase. Join us, submit your track and be in with a chance to win prizes. But more importantly join our movement of likeminded musicians who contribute, collaborate and support each other

Comm(unity)-Pro(motion)-Muse is a community based promotional and personal development tool.

Unity in Motion is both our ethos and essence.

We are all well aware of the difficulties of being seen and heard in the current world of the music industry. Together we can shout louder and stand taller. Our aim is to cultivate and nurture a community that grows by the promotion and support of others.

 Is D.I.Y an Impossible Dream?

Nothing is impossible... Our desire for self sufficiency and independence is an instinctive urge.


However, it is a simple fact that more can be achieved when two or more people work together.  Even when we work individually but as part of a team we can be far more productive.  As a community
Com-Pro-Muse aims to be self supporting and autonomous. That said, we will still foster mutually beneficial relationships with fellow communities and bodies outside of our own.

We will all grow together.

Guitar in Flames
Turn Table

How it Works

Image by Nainoa Shizuru

We view our competition as a way for artists to do market research and have their songs critiqued. What better way than to see how it fares against 99 others in a friendly and supportive community?
On top of that you can pretty much guarantee that your song is listened to 99 times. We are also looking at how to arrange a quarterly public vote on selections from the 3 previous months entries. That way we feel we get a more rounded picture of our songs popularity.

Song Comm-petition

Image by Steve Harvey

Comm-petition Prizes

Prizes are of a promotional and/or developmental nature. Initially they will be paid in the currency of time. We will work closely with the winners to see how we can best suit their needs.  Maybe we could contact venues to book gigs or bloggers to feature songs. We can give help and advice on social media and music business etc. Wherever possible we will utilise the skills of our fellow community members.  As our community grows we hope to be able to add financial assistance too. We will cover our costs and hold a prudent reserve to help ensure the continuation of the site. Any extra funds will be added into the prizes to allow things like add campaigns, song production costs and even training winners.

In the Crowd

Become a member of the Comm-Pro-Muse community

Once inside you can create your profile.

View, follow and connect with other members.

Visit the Members Area and Forum.

Vote for your favourite songs.

Have a say in the future direction of the community.

Most importantly you can now upload your songs

to the Comm-petition.

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